Desiigner - Life Of Desiigner
Life Of Desiigner
Desiigner - HOOD
Desiigner - Shoot
Desiigner - Panda
Desiigner - Outlet
Desiigner - Tonka
Desiigner ft. King Savage - Zombie Walk
Zombie Walk
Desiigner ft. King Savage
Don Q ft. Desiigner - Trap Phone
Trap Phone
Don Q ft. Desiigner
Mura Masa ft. Desiigner - All Around The World
All Around The World
Mura Masa ft. Desiigner
Desiigner ft. Gucci Mane - Liife
Desiigner ft. Gucci Mane

About Desiigner

Bringing the strange, mumbly style of the Atlanta school up the East Coast, Brooklyn-based MC Desiigner landed a recording contract with Kanye West's GOOD Music imprint in 2016. Sounding like a murky mix of Future and Young Thug, the rapper made his debut in 2014 under the name Dezolo, joining MCs Phresh and Rowdy on the single "Danny Devito." Late the next year, he made his debut as Desiigner on the single "Panda." Kanye West heard the cut, and sampled it for his album The Life of Pablo. He also signed the original song's MC to his label, and re-released the track as a GOOD Music single in early 2016. By April, it had climbed all the way to number one in the U.S.; then in June it landed on his debut mixtape, New English. While working on his debut full-length, Desiigner released a new single "Timmy Turner" later that year before unleashing a barrage of new tracks in the early part of 2017. Arriving in quick succession, singles like "Up," "Thank God I Got It," and "Outlet" appeared in advance of his first album.

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