About H.I.M.

The artist known as H.I.M. (HER In Mind) is an American singer and songwriter. Born in Queens, New York, he started his career in 2016, releasing the debut self-titled EP H.I.M. Vol. 1, in about 2 months after the release of H.E.R. Vol 1. H.I.M. is witty, catchy, and equally mysterious. He definitely put together a response EP with marketing, mastering, and some original content within less than a month. He was genius on seeing an opportunity and capitalizing on it. H.I.M. has slowly been gaining stream as he completely transformed all of the concepts and imagery to his own. The amazing thing behind this whole story is that the mystery artist concept was stolen from a thing indie artists created to differentiate themselves from major control. It’s delicious irony at its best. H.I.M. does exactly what he set out to do. Created a more complete response album than anything that has been made and does it from a genuine perspective.

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