20 More Mixtapes Have Been Removed

By Mark Serrano · Jul 25, 2017

If you’ve been keeping up with the blog, you know I’ve been on a deleting spree. I recently deleted all of Troy Ave’s catalog and to follow up I’ve deleted 20 more mixtapes from a handful of rappers that never made it. These were artists that showed promise or convinced me that they had something special, unfortunately that isn’t the case. I never got any follow ups and their buzz ended up dying off. I personally couldn’t remember any of the mixtapes that I posted up so I am obligated to remove them.

Making it in the music scene is hard. Many try and fail and that’s fine, I hope all the artists that I ended up removing find success in their lives. Deciding to chase your dreams is very brave and I thank you all for agreeing to be apart of my website.


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