We Are No Longer Supporting Troy Ave

By Mark Serrano · Jul 23, 2017

If you read my very first blog post you know I’m undergoing some changes with the content I’m allowing on the website, basically making it harder for whack rappers to get posted. I had let a handful of artists on my platform to drive views even if I wasn’t inspired by their music. Troy Ave was one of those artists.

He had enough buzz around the industry for me to post, thinking it would help get more traffic to the site. After a few listens to his music I wasn’t exactly impressed. The nickname “Troy Average” definitely held some truth unfortunately, but he was a hard enough hustler for me to justify his addition to the website.

I would watch some of his interviews and his story inspired me, but he also made me uncomfortable at times. It was amazing what he and his crew could do, but he put too much value on money and material things. Nothing wrong with making money but I don’t see that as a symbol of success like some people do. His story impressed me, not his money, not his cars, or his lifestyle. After a while I followed Troy Ave and his career and continued to support his mediocre music by posting his mixtapes and music videos.

Troy Ave might be an average rapper but he’s just flatout a mediocre person. He really showed his true character when he had beef with Joey Badass. He took a jab at Joey Badass’s friend, Capital Steez, after he committed suicide. Which was the wackest low blow anyone could do after such an unfortunate event. Here are the lyrics to his Joey Badass diss “Badass” where he made disgusting remarks about suicide:

“Cause I'm a savage, this gon leave you sad bitch
Don't get suicidal like ya friend, here's a casket
STEEZ burning in Hell, my burner's in my belt
I'm really killing shit, you niggas killing yourself
Fucking weirdos, off the roof, "Steer clear yo!"
This niggas tryna fly, he think he a superhero
Splat man! Fuck you and that man”

Then the death of his friend, Banga, was also handled in an unsavory way. Some of his comments at The Breakfast Club were disrespectful to his friend’s family. He thought he could just throw money at his family and didn’t pay them the proper respect they deserved. He finished up his interview by calling himself the “second coming of Tupac.” Followed up by a mixtape called “Nupac” where he mashes up photos of himself and Tupac going through similar situations. The “Nupac” thing is just fucking cringy. To compare yourself to the legendary Tupac is the corniest thing a rapper could do and disrespectful to the legacy Pac left behind, I couldn’t even post this mixtape. After everything, I just can’t support Troy Ave in any capacity, no matter how great his work ethic is.

I had to remove Troy Ave off the website simply because I never liked his music, but I can’t even respect his story at this point after all the distasteful things he’s done throughout his career. So I deleted all 9 of the mixtapes from Troy Ave that we carried, we removed his profile, and even deleted mixtapes from the BSB crew. We will be removing more artists but this definitely took priority.

If you would like to listen to Troy Ave, you can find him over at DatPiff.com.


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