Welcome Ugly God To The Site

By Mark Serrano · Aug 06, 2017

Hate it or love it, I’m officially supporting the Ugly God. I’ve been keeping a tab on the phenomenon that is the Ugly God. Something similar The Legendary Based God, he can make amazingly horrible records to a degree where I actually enjoy it. I’ve even watched several of his interviews where his admits his music is “trash” and “coon shit.” It’s an very honest approach to the kind of music he makes and his place in the Hip-Hop Industry. I can’t help but respect it. Check out the video below of Ugly God talking about his music being “trash” on Vlad TV.

So with the combination of some viral hits, a hilarious personality, a feature on XXL Freshman List and the arrival of his new mixtape “The Booty Tape” I have to respect his contribution to the game. Since he’s finally released his mixtape I can finally officially support the Ugly God movement on the site, even if he isn’t around for very long. Let’s see how far he can go and enjoy some really incredibly ignorant music.


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